HH6 February Challenge

Here was February's challenge: In celebration of Valentine's Day, create a dish that represents your relationship with your significant other. (example: the meal you had on your first date, on a vacation together, what you ate before you got engaged, the meal you had at your wedding etc.)

I'm late posting because I couldn't get my act together, but I'm posting nonetheless! When my husband and I were in college, whenever we visited each other, he would run to the store and buy some steaks and then grill them for me. It was something I rarely cooked since chicken is cheaper, so it was kind of a treat. He'd bring candles and set the table and everything, so it was something special and romantic that he'd do for me. It's something we still do once in a while, but not as often as either of us would like.

For this particular meal, I bought super cheap steaks (because I'm trying valiantly, and mostly unsuccessfully, to come in under our grocery budget), covered them with salt and pepper, and grilled them. I find that that way often tastes better than smothering them with some sort of sauce. I served the steaks with garden salad, and broccoli cheddar pasta. As usual, the kids were more into the pasta than the steaks, but Joe and I thought it was all delicious, and enjoyed the memories associated with the meal. :)

Once again, the picture is stuck on my phone, sorry! 

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